July 25, 2008

Are we being controlled?

Robotson:  "Mom, do you think someone is reading us?"

Me:  "I don't know.  It's possible, how could we find out?"

R:  "Maybe somebody is playing with us."  (He's holding a Ken doll.)

M:  "That's possible too, but how could we test this?"

R:   "Well we wouldn't know because we could only see what we see and not the person controlling us.  Well we see a roof so there isn't anybody big controlling us.  But to  me, we see the roofs but I don't think they are really there.  Some humans think they are being played with. "

M:  "Let me ask you this, do you think you control the things that you do, or do you think someone else gets to choose what decisions you make?"

R:  "Sometimes when I play with my toys, I make them do the sorts of things I would do."  

M:  "If your toys look back though, they will see it's you controlling them, won't they?"

R:  "I pretend they are alive."

M:  "Right, so you are pretending but your toys aren't really alive.  Since we are alive, doesn't that make us in control of ourselves?"

R:  "What if we are robots and someone is controlling us?"

M:  "Well we can test that.  If someone gets hurt and dies, we can cut them open and see they are humans with no robot parts."

R:  "Well, I am an android!"

M:  "O.k.  so how would we know if someone was reading us?"

R:  "Hmm, you are probably right."

M:  "Right about what?"

R:  "We can talk about all this stuff later."

M:  "O.k. but you need to think about these questions and try to find your own answers.    That's what science is about, testing a hypothesis and seeing what answers come from that.  Don't believe anything that anyone tells you even if they are bigger, older, or even your mom.  Find your own answers."

R:  "O.k. "

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