July 12, 2008

Tooth #4

Robotson lost his fourth tooth this evening, still no word on the Tooth Fairy.  Yet, this afternoon he was talking about what he would ask Santa for, for Christmas.  This really amazes me, why does he seem to believe in one but not the other?  

As a side note, earlier today the kids were watching the new Backyardigans dvd and the first episode was about needing to ask goddess Tasha to stop the rain so they could play basketball.  There was also the god of laughter and the goddess of naps.  I was trying to ask Robotson about having different gods that control different things but he wasn't interested in talking about it since he playing on the computer.  I thought it was an interesting episode though.  

1 comment:

  1. My 5 y o (whose friend's tooth came out at our house!) said, "The tooth fairy's not really real." He said he'd decided by himself! I explained about the TF and said, if he wanted, we could still play along with it...

    Roll-on 25 December!