August 11, 2008

Are dragons real?

The latest in a very long series of questions on what is real or not real, this time is about dragons.  My typical response is, "What do you think?"  This is almost always answered with, "yes."  If I ask why, I get various answers all related to what Robotson's seen on t.v.  

I really do not like t.v. sometimes.  We don't even have cable at our house.  We get only the locals, but rarely watch them.  Most of what he sees is on dvd but I digress.

Since I wanted to make a bolder statement this time I told him that I did not believe that dragons were real because there is no evidence for them.  I asked him what sort of things might be evidence for the existence of dragons.  He said bones.  Right, we've found no bones.  He also mentioned not having found anything they've set on fire, true enough.  Then, as usual, he got bored with the conversation. 

I've recently decided to keep him up a bit at night.  He clearly needs some more one on one time with me, but I'm also trying to talk to him about the bigger questions in life.  Last week he finally asked how babies were made.  It was an amazingly easy conversation because to him, it's just facts.  He's more interested in the birth process anyway.  We watched several videos of different sorts of births.  He has asked me to show him every single animal giving birth!  I hope YouTube is up for it.  

So with all these questions about what is real or not, I am going to try to talk to him about how he's going to start realizing many stories that we have around us are just that - stories.  His job is going to be trying to figure out which ones are real and which are just great imaginations.  

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