August 5, 2008

Maybe I will let him stay up late

If you've been following along, you've noticed my son loves robots.  He says he's an android.  There is no use in arguing with him, he is set in this belief.  

This evening he doesn't want to go to bed.  This is usually my quiet time so I get a little annoyed when he's talking to me.  I figured he could stay up a little bit and maybe if he's quiet while I catch up on my Reader, he can watch some TEDs with me.  I forgot I had to wash the dishes though and he followed me into the kitchen telling me how much he loves to do housework.

"No you don't."  I said.  "Otherwise you would do it when I ask you to during the day."

He says, "I love to do work but someone is controlling me.  I can't do it when they are controlling me."

"No one is controlling you.  Lots of people think that, but it's not true."

"No, really, there is someone who watches me all day and night and controls what I do."

"Yeah, that's what the other people say too.  Do you know what they call this person?"

"No, what?"


"Well that's dumb, they should call it their imagination."

LOL.  I love this kid.


  1. did he recently see the Star Trek TNG episode Hero Worship? ;)
    (or was he actually rescued by Data)

  2. I can so relate to this post at this very moment. My 5 yo loves to pester me during my quiet time. I keep threatening to put a limit on the number of questions he can ask in one day. Of course I just can't do that.

    I really enjoy reading about your conversations with Robotson.

  3. Hugo- He's seen a few Star Treks but not enough! No, he's an android because he looks like a human on the outside but (shhh! he's really a robot on the inside!) His favorite android is Andrew from Bicentennial Man.

    Dawn- Thanks :) I wish I could cap the questions too but then he'd ask someone else. All I can say is thank goodness we have the Internet!