September 24, 2008

Are Elves real?

So close this time.  

In the van he asks me about elves.  First he wants to know what they are.  Ummm, little people that supposedly (see how I tried to nudge him there a bit?) help Santa make all the toys for Christmas.  

"Well, are they real?"

"What do you think?"

He says, "no."  Oh!  Making progress.  But then he goes down a totally wrong path.  He doesn't think people can be that little and so we take some time to talk about how there are some people that don't grow to a "normal" height.  I'll spare you the details of this conversation.  So back to elves, I ask him if he thinks they exist now?  Well of course they do then!  Who else would help Santa make all the toys?  I asked him if he thought every single toy that he's ever gotten from Santa, we made by the elves?  

For a while now I've wondered how come kids don't see through this immediately?  They see this stuff on t.v. and in stores and then it shows up Christmas morning from Santa.  Do they think he makes all the toys they see everywhere?  I guess when you want to believe, you don't see the signs.  

Back to Robotson, he says he can't remember anything Santa has brought him, so he's not sure if they make it all.  Ah well, I tried.  The last thing he asked he was if all the other boys and girls in the entire world were bad, would he get ALL of the toys?  I guess keeping the good and bad thing out of the Santa myth has failed.  It's too commercialized anyway.  I said, "I doubt it.  I bet Santa just makes less toys and spends the rest of his time eating cookies and taking naps."   

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