September 24, 2008

Getting lost in the story

Robotson checked out a book at the library about a robot dog.    We read a lot of books and I've gotten into the habit of finding movies based on the books for us to watch afterwards.  Now this book isn't the sort that they make a movie for.  It's just a regular children's book, about 2o pages long.  He asked me if there was a movie about this robot dog.  I told him no.  He wanted to know if there was a movie about the book then.  Thinking it was the same question, I answered "no" again.  He said, "Well I think there is."  (Very matter-of-factly!)  I asked why he would think that?  He told me that this book was just too interesting and good to not be made into a movie.  Everyone should read it and everyone needed to see it.  And since it was that good, it must be a movie.  


O.k, then how can we find out if it's a movie?  He said he could ask someone (me), he could look it up at Netflix, and he could look at a movie store.  I asked him what would he think of he could find no evidence of this movie ever existing?  To which he replied, well then I guess it doesn't exist, but it should!   That's my boy :)

We talked about there are some really fantastic stories out there, many you can get lost in and never want them to end, but you have to live in the real world.  Books give you a chance to visit other places for a little while and you can go back anytime you want, but you can't stay there.  Wish everyone could figure that stuff out.

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