November 11, 2008

Marriage definition

A few days ago, Robotson was talking to Dimples about marriage.  (Don't worry, they are both still too young!)  He was telling her that boys marry girls, so someday he would marry a girl and she would marry a boy.  Since he only recently asked about the birds and the bees, he's not aware of all the different kinds of relationships that exist.  My cousin brought her girlfriend over last month but it's not on his radar.  Still, I felt this was a good time to mention that there were other options.  I sort of butted in to say that marriage is limited right now, but boys can love boys and girls can love girls.  Hopefully by the time he is an adult, any adult who wants to get married will be able to do so.  He sort of paused for a minute to ponder that and went back to playing Robot Wars.  One thing I hope my children grow up without is the thinking that things that are different are weird or wrong.  I just hope that as he gets older, he doesn't see one as more correct than the other.  



  1. My son is convinced that one day he will marry Mommy or maybe Daddy. I want him to have an open mind with regards to sexual orientation, but I am trying to get the message across that (a) Mommy is already taken and (b) incest is not on!

  2. My son said the same thing for a while. How he plans to marry someone else but he's going to live with me forever. He can't bear the thought of having to move out. They outgrow that too right? :)

  3. This reminds me of a family story, because we had a daughter who danced and got her young brother into ballet. This is told as I wrote it the same day, back in the summer of 2005:

    A little real-life story from today - we were having a torrential
    tropical rainstorm as I picked up Favorite Daughter from her first morning of Dance Intensive week. She was telling me all the exciting new plans and choreography for the year, new faces, visiting teachers. Her young brother was still in his sleepers, too young for me to leave home alone imo, just listening.

    We stopped to get milk and as FavD jumped out so I could stay with the sleepy boy, she said, "Oh, and I'm becoming famous for my collection of bad pick-up lines - got another one today, the new guy said, "Hi, I'm Zach and I'm straight, by the way." (He WAS there as a ballet dancer, so perhaps not so odd he felt the need to add that, but it still made FavD blanch.)

    So, she tells me this with a grin and Young Son, just turned 10 and beginning ballet himself, speaks up and says "What does THAT mean?"

    FavD gives me the uh-oh eye and I think, great, we're gonna do this in the car in the rain at the convenience store, while Favorite Daughter is getting milk.

    And I take a deep breath and I start to wade in, and then FavD hits me in the arm as Young Son says, "No, no, I meant -- what's a pick-up line?"