November 16, 2008

Parallel myths

I've been wanting to introduce the kids to religions for a while now.  We live in a very religious town (not to mention state) and it comes up often enough that even if I wanted to keep it from them, I couldn't.  I wish I didn't have to clarify this here, but I never tried to keep religion from my kids.  It's just not a part of our lives and so it never comes up.  I kept waiting for Robotson to ask about it but he just never did.  Gods are completely off his radar screen along with a lot of other things that I don't go out of my way to teach him.  

I posted on the Atheist Nexus a few weeks back looking for stories that are in the bible and parallel stories in other mythology so I could introduce them all at the same time.   The truth is that I don't know the religious stories myself, so I have no idea where the similarities are.  I got some really awesome responses with links that I thought I would share here. 

The Institute for Humanist Studies weighs in.    There was only one book recommendation there though, In the Beginning:  Creation Stories From Around the World by Virginia Hamilton.  Part two is here.  

This book list covers a variety of topics, not just similar myths.  They are arranged by age appropriateness, which is very nice.  

Mything Links has a lot of cool information on various myths from around the world.   It is sort of hard to read and you need to scroll down a bit before you get to the bulk of the links.  

This looks like the book I was looking for, at least an adult version.

A website full of link to different myths and legends.  

Don't Know Much About World Myths by Kenneth C. Davis.  Now this one is geared for kids, albeit older than mine.   There is a preview here

Most of these links I got from Saint Fillian, so I need to offer a huge "Thank you!" to her for helping me out.  

If you know of any good book or website recommendations, please let me know. 


  1. The Dan Barker books are supposed to be good. I bought a couple but we haven't gotten around to reading them yet.

  2. Is this anything like what you're looking for?

  3. I think that one is a little mature for my kids at this point. While my son is flirting with the idea of giving up the Tooth Fairy and Santa, he's not there yet and the girls are just getting to the ages when they will want to believe. I'm not ready to burst all of their bubbles just yet :)

  4. Could you give a link to that Atheist Nexus post?
    Sounds interesting, I could need it too ;)

  5. Yes, sorry. I thought I had link Atheist Nexus to it, but apparently that just went to the main site. I fixed that. But here it is also