November 25, 2008

Potty training fun!

Funny Girl decided she wants to start using the potty.  She's three, so I guess it's about the right time.  Even though we've been through this before, it seems ages ago, and I know Robotson was closer to four.  So we've just been following her lead and she's spending quite a bit of time naked.  I'd feel bad about that since it's pretty cold here, but she only wears a diaper unless we are leaving the house anyway.  I always ask her if she's cold and she says no.  She'll go sit on the toilet every once in a while but usually she just wants to wipe 15 times and flush.  She's gone a few times but it's nothing regular.  

This evening was different!   I was giving the girls a bath and was just getting ready to dry Dimples hair when FG shouted for me.  She had pooped in the bathtub and was a little upset.  So I got her out and sat her on the potty so she could finish if she needed to.  She did have a little more which she just talked and talked about.  She was extremely excited about this new experience.  Then she got angry.  She's jumps off the potty and says, "God dammit!"  (Yes, I know, nice language for a three year old.  We're working on it.)  I asked her what was wrong and she said she was so angry because there were no more poops coming and she really wanted to use the potty some more!  I assured her that there would be more tomorrow.  She was still unhappy but accepted the end of fun for the evening.  I finished drying Dimples hair just as FG comes running back into the bathroom saying she'd found more poop in her bottom!  But alas, it was only peepee.  I am actually really surprised at how fast this is going since it was like the worst idea in the world to Robotson.  It would be nice to have only one in diapers though.   I'm sure tomorrow will be interesting.  

I did have one accident to clean up tonight though.  I forgot to take the dog out.  *sigh*  


  1. How cute. Best wishes also. My older 2 girls were so easy to potty train (especially compared to the boy). They're 15 months apart, the oldest one was trained by 3 and the 2nd one by about 2 3/4.

    They hated being wet or dirty & were both all for it. They had these princess play dresses my 1st MIL had made for them and they'd wear them all day and be naked underneath. They dragged their little portable potty around with them and used it as necessary.

    My youngest is turning 3 next week. She hasn't shown much interest yet. Maybe the disposable diapers nowadays are a lot more absorbant & comfortable than they were 20 years ago.

  2. Well that didn't last long. She doesn't ask much anymore. I suggest going naked, but she's not interested. Maybe after the holidays. At least I hope.