November 30, 2008

Two things I've learned this week

1.  When my kids don't ask about things, it really does mean they are not interested.  Bringing something up just to expose them to new ideas is pretty pointless because they get "bored" as I was told. 

That's what Robotson said about the creation myths.  He's totally bored with them because he doesn't care.  I find myself getting a little worried that I am not exposing the kids to enough about the world we live in, like other peoples' belief systems.  Turns out he really doesn't care.  

2.  Robotson on gods.  "I don't believe in any gods because I can't see them.  If they were real, we would see them.  Maybe some god created everything and then went away, but then even if they did that it doesn't matter because we still can't see them.  So I don't think gods are real."  

This is what he said to me after I got to the Adam and Eve creation myth in In the Beginning.   I didn't prompt any of that, and I have never told him I don't believe in a god.  I don't pretend that I do, it just doesn't come up.  I'm glad to see he's formed his own ideas and look forward to seeing how they solidify over time.  


  1. Oh, yeah. Only be there to answer questions. I've learned that as a teacher as well. Ou can't teach anyone anything they don't want to learn.