November 12, 2008

We are celebrating Hanukkah this year

Robotson loves The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.  He's got every episode on his iPod and they've inspired him to want to know more about many subjects and people such as, Amelia Earhart, Nikola Tesla, Sherlock Holmes, Beatrix Potter, Tom Sawyer, Galileo, and many more.  One of the episodes was about Hanukkah and he asked if we could do that this year.  Eight nights of presents!  He's definitely in!  

I checked with B and he didn't see a reason not to, so I'm starting my research now.   I know absolutely nothing about Hanukkah, I am ashamed to admit.  He wants to light a Menorah, eat latkes, play dreidel, and get eight nights of presents.  Hah, he's a big fan of Dr. Steve.  

I'm sure I'll post more as we figure this all out.  I just took the time to listen to the podcast and it's really fun.  Here's a funny story from yesterday when he was telling me about dreidel.  He told me that you have these chocolate gold coins called "guilts", and you gain or lose them depending on how you spin the dreidel.  Then at the end you get to eat all the guilts.   In my head, I'm thinking there is no way we are playing a game where you eat guilt.  I had to look it up because I wanted to be sure I understood him correctly.  Well the coins are called gelts, so obviously that changes things a bit!  


  1. Amy,
    I think I have an extra dreidel for you. I'll look and bring it Sunday night if so. My best friend is Jewish so we are a tiny bit familar.
    Enjoyed coffee with you and Monique. Happy to meet some interesting moms!
    Grace Keith

  2. Thank you Grace, that is very sweet of you!