January 15, 2009

It's evolution...duh!

We have these two bushes on either side of our front porch that are favorite nesting places for birds.  They get a bit skittish when we use the front porch though, and fly to the safety of a tree until we leave.  We are so used to this happening now that we rarely notice it, but yesterday it caught Funny Girl's attention.  The following conversation ensued:

FG:  Mommy, a bird just flew out of our bush!
Me:  Where did it go?
Robotson:  It's in the tree, but you can't see it.
Me:  Why not?
Robotson:  It's camouflaged.
Dimples:  See!  Song!  Pop pop!
Me:  Why would it be hard to see?
Robotson:  So nothing will eat it.
FG:  We don't eat birds.  Mommy, I don't want anyone to eat the bird!
Dimples:  POP POP!  
Me:  Why doesn't it want to be eaten?
Robotson:  Be-Cu-uz MOM, then it couldn't have babies and keep living.
Me:  Oh, I didn't know that.
Robotson:  Duh, Mom.  That's evolution.

O.k.  not exactly evolution, but still a fun conversation to have.  

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