January 28, 2009


Please tell me you shop for books at Goodwill?  Everyone should.   They are so cheap, and usually in very good condition.   I shop for hardcover classics and non-fiction .  Being in Georgia, there are always a lot of religiously themed books but I always hold out some hope that I'll find a Dawkins or Hitchens. Well this week I hit the jackpot when I found Sam Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation (hardcover) and Michael Shermer's Science Friction (paperback).  Sweet!  I actually had Harris book but not hardcover.  Now I can donate my paperback to Goodwill.   If you love books, give them a try!  It's worth the effort when the most expensive book is $2.50 (adult hardcovers).  


  1. Got Shermer's Why People Believe Weird Things in hardcover for 50 cents at a church book sale! Cracked me up.

  2. Great find! I'm always too afraid to check out church sales. Maybe I should though!

  3. I'm lucky to live in Austin, TX which has a great public library and it's hard to come across a book I want to read that they do not have.

    If you've got decent libraries in your area and use FireFox, I recommend installing the Book Burro extension and configuring it for your location. Whenever I'm browsing books at Amazon.com, I now always know whether my library has them available. This saves me a lot of money and space at home.

  4. Oh! Very good point Stepan. We do actually have a really good library system here. In fact, I have access to two and it's rare to not find a book that I am looking for. I'll check out Book Burro, thanks!

    I do still purchase a lot of books because part of our homeschooling philosophy has us reading quite a lot. I am rather picky about our books though. Now space is another issue all in itself!