January 4, 2009

Will Wright at TED

First let me say that Spore is a big hit around here.  We heard about it on the Are We Alone? podcast first.  Well, technically I knew about it before that, but Robotson did not.  He was immediately intrigued by the idea of evolving a creature of his own making.  He got it for Christmas and he's been playing it ever since.  Tonight I was catching up on a few TEDs and I played the one of Will Wright (below) for him.   Then we looked him up in Wikipedia.  Robotson was excited to learn that he is from Atlanta, competed in Robot Wars (oh-my-FSM!), created a robot arm with a Wiimote when he broke it (you can see it in the talk), and he calls his games "toys".  I was happy to see he's an atheist, loved Montessori-type schooling, and Robotson is a very similar kind of kid.  Plus I loved this quote.

"I've always been somewhat disillusioned with the educational system. Some people have said it was originally based on the idea that we're training factory workers, so it was very important to teach them to do some repetitive task for eight hours a day. What's going to be really exciting is when this Nintendo generation gets a little bit older and starts becoming teachers in schools. I think that's going to make a bigger difference than any kind of educational reform ever will. In the future a lot more learning will happen in the home."

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