March 9, 2009


Did you read this as a kid?  I remember hearing about it, but I don't think I ever read it.  Robotson and I read it last week.  Toward the end, the older brother Peter is talking to his mom about Fudge's belief in Santa Claus.  Fudge is four and Peter is eleven.  Peter thinks it's wrong to tell these stories to kids and thinks his parents shouldn't even bother.  He totally and completely outs Santa in the book.  So when I got to that part I paused.  It's not that I don't want Robotson to know the truth about Santa.  I do want him to be ready though.  I figured there was no point in skipping that part of the book because he could easily get it off the shelf and read it himself.  Then I'd have to answer questions about why I didn't read it to him.  So before I continued, I told him that Peter didn't think Santa was real and I asked him what he thought.  He said he thought he was.  Then I finished the book.  Robotson never mentioned it, but I wonder if he's thinking about it at all.  As it turns out, Fudge doesn't really believe in Santa either.  He just pretends because he knows his it's important to his parents. 

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