April 16, 2009

Adoption, god creation, and twitter!

The best part about raising thinkers, so far, is all the thinking going on here.  Yesterday, Robotson asked me if we were going to be adopting soon.  He has become aware of the many kids out there that have no families, and he wants to help them.  There are many reasons why we can not adopt and I wondered how many of them I should discuss with him.  We talked a little about how the process of adoption works and how our family isn't ready to take any of the steps needed.  Privately, I wonder if we would even be eligible to adopt if we were moving in that direction, which we are not.  Being vegetarian homeschoolers with no religious affiliation doesn't sound all that strange, but we live in a very small town and rural area.  Here, we are pretty "weird".   

In other Robotson news, he's been creating new gods.   He says he believes in the gods that he makes.  He's been drawing pictures of them for me all week.  I promise to scan them in a couple of weeks.  We are currently having our downstairs finished and then I will have an office where I can set my scanner back up.  His drawings are pretty neat and they have commentary to go along with them.  Stay tuned!

Twitter.  I'm trying to figure it all out.  If you know anything about it and want to give me some tips, I'm all ears.  I'm @raisingthinkers .  At least I hope that's how you type it.  I'm feeling a little in over my head at the moment.  


  1. Sounds like you've got a future religious leader on your hands. Who knows, maybe he'll even convert you. Think Jesus and Mary, eh?

    Gotta be tough having your values and living in Georgia. I can but hope you're in Atlanta.

  2. Nope, we live in a small town north of Atlanta. :) We are surrounded by Baptists.

  3. "We are surrounded by Baptists."

    I can imagine, maybe a few Church of Christes too. At the risk of shameless self-promotion, my last blog entry (I mean the one before last) was entitled Baptists.

    I have relatives at Trenton, BTW. Never get back there though.

  4. I'll check it out today when I have a free minute. Thanks!