April 30, 2009

The Dilettante: A Modern Type

This is from one of my favorite podcasts Classic Poetry Aloud, but I think it pretty well sums up the TJEd philosophy and what Core and Love of Learning Phases are and should be.  

by Paul Lawrence Dunbar 

He scribbles some in prose and verse,
And now and then he prints it;
He paints a little,--gathers some
Of Nature's gold and mints it.

He plays a little, sings a song,
Acts tragic roles or funny;
He does, because his love is strong,
But not, oh, not for money!

He studies almost everything
From social art to science;
A thirsty mind, a flowing spring,
Demand and swift compliance.

He looms above the sordid crowd,
At least through friendly lenses;
While his mama looks pleased and proud,
And kindly pays expenses.

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