April 12, 2009

Secular Easter

As a child, my memories of Easter center around candy baskets and bunnies.  The story of the resurrection must have been taught to me very early because I knew of it, but my family always celebrated a secular Easter.   Lately, I have been introducing many different stories to the girls from Storynory.   Since they have a bible stories section, I thought I might be able to find one about the resurrection, but they don't have it on their website.  We've downloaded all of the other stories and they are part of our Storynory playlist that we listen to as I put the girls to bed.   Instead, I found a different story about where Easter eggs come from.   There are a few other cute ones for this time of year too.  Check them out if you have little ones, or even big ones!  Robotson loves Storynory too! Did I mention the stories are free?

Happy Easter!

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  1. This is funny: My wife and her friend were putting together easter baskets for the kids earlier in the week and her friend referred to them as Dead Jesus Baskets.