April 13, 2009

Too brief

While running an errand today, the girls and I passed an accident where a car had flipped over into a ditch.  There were several cars and many people there trying to help, but no emergency vehicles had arrived yet.  I considered stopping, but there wasn't really anything that I could do.  I just hoped everyone would be alright.  

On the way back, I realized the driver of the car had not survived.  By then, the paramedics had arrived.  Traffic had slowed down to a crawl, and it was down to one lane.  The ambulance and fire truck were still there but no one was rushing around attending to any injuries.  As we crept past the wreckage, I looked over and saw two small boys behind the car talking with a police officer.   To rescue them, the back of the vehicle had been pried off.  The boys seemed unharmed, but my heart was aching so badly for them.  They couldn't have been much older than my own girls who were now sleeping behind me.  Their heads were hanging and it looked as though they were crying.  I imagine the officer was trying to find out their names, perhaps their parents names, and maybe a phone number.  I cried as I drove the rest of the way home just thinking about that family.  It's likely that it was their mother driving them and the father would soon be getting the worst call of his life.  Two little boys probably lost the most important person in their short lives.  It's just too much to ask of a family.  

Life is so precious and can be cut short in an instant.   It's not really realistic to treat each day as if it is your last, but there is something to be said for making the most out of each day that we do have.  


  1. That's the toughest thing in being a parent. Never take them for granted


  2. how sad. I just recieved a call from my sister yesterday that she feel asleep at the wheel (with her 3 kids inside) and crashed into a fence. The wood from the fence came through the windshield just inches from my nefews head. It was scary just hearing the details but made be realize how easily things can happen.

  3. Wow Ashley, I'm glad they are alright! Whew!