May 27, 2009

Harry Potter and other reading

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” --Dr. Suess

Like most parents, I've been reading Harry Potter with Robotson.  We just finished The Goblet of Fire and he's interested in moving on to The Order of the Phoenix.  I think I might have a hard time reading as we finish the series because of how emotionally involved I got in the story.  Robotson is the same.  He's been grappling with why Cedric died all week.  He wants to know why but the simple answer is- there is no reason.  He, of course, keeps asking me why they can't bring him back.  What good is magic if you can't bring back the dead?  Why can't he be a ghost now like Myrtle?  I don't think Rowling ever answers how one becomes a ghost, does she?  As upset as he is about Cedric, I wonder what he'll think through the next two books?  I never saw either death coming myself and they were shocks.  I hated the fifth book for quite a long time.  

We are planning to go see the sixth movie in July so we've got a lot of reading to do.  In between, we'll also be reading his book club books.  June's book is Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Mr. Popper wishes he was a scientist instead of a house painter.  :)  

When I can stay awake, I get quite a lot of reading done myself.  I read The Tempest this week in preparation for our Mom's outing to see the play on Sunday.   I started reading Religious Literacy.  I had borrowed a copy, but my own came in the mail today so I can finish it.  I plan to take that and The Art of Possibility with us to the lake this weekend.  We are getting out of town for a few days in celebration of my birthday earlier this month.  On the way out of town we are going to see UP, the new Pixar flick.  Should be a great weekend!


  1. Not that you need any more summer reading, but have you heard of the series by Michelle Paver "chronicles of ancient darkness"? I just listened to the audiobooks of the first three (read by sir ian mckellan!) and they totally blew me away. I loved the Harry Potter series, so I thought you and your son might like these. They aren't wizards, but instead it takes place in pre-historic times. The stories feature the "heroes journey" in a similar way. REALLY good. I can't wait to read them to my son in about 10 years. :-)

  2. No, I hadn't heard of those. Going to check them out right now! Thanks!