May 16, 2009

Troy Davis

"A society that teaches its children that the desire to want somebody killed justifies killing him is a society that will raise more murderers than one that teaches children that, no matter how great your outrage, you should not kill."      --Alonzo Fyfe Atheist Ethicist

The quote above does not fully cover why Troy Davis should not be executed.  Troy deserves a new trial in light of new evidence.   However, I agree with Alonzo Fyfe, the death penalty is not the right message to send to our children, no matter what. 

I know this is a little heavy for a Saturday morning, but I've been following this case for a while now on my other blog.  I think cases like this are important to talk about, especially with our children (when they are ready, of course), and I've talked about it with Robotson.  It's critical that you know your rights if you ever get arrested, but most of us would probably trust the system to work if we were innocent.  But what if the system is broken?

For more information, the
ACLU has been following this since the beginning  Just click on the tag: Troy Davis at the bottom.  

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  1. no matter how great your outrage, you should not kill.

    As long as outrage (instinctual aggression) exists, killing will go on forever.