June 12, 2009

First upside down week

Day One

I couldn't get to sleep Sunday night, so read until 2am trying to tucker myself out.  Then I was stressed about only getting four hours of sleep and ended up waking up a lot.  I got up at 5am, as planned, but I took at a nap from 7:30 to 9:45am.  I went to bed with the girls on time. 

Day Two

I slept pretty well.  I was tired at least, but I did wake up at 10:25pm and had a hard time going back to sleep for about an hour.  I got up at 5am, but felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I felt physically ill.  By 7:30am I couldn't take it anymore and I took a nap until 9am.  I had to get up then so I could get ready for a play date with the kids at 11am, but I felt awful.  Stopped by Sonic to pick up a giant Coke for the caffeine and felt human again.  The girls and I were about an hour late getting to bed.

Day Three

I woke up at 5am, came out to the couch, lay down, and went back to sleep until 6:45am.  I guess I took my nap early!  I didn't feel quite as ill this morning, but ravenously hungry.  That's odd, since I am not really a breakfast sort of person.  Went to bed with the girls on time.

Day Four

I woke up 5am and Dimples was up with me.  We watched an awful movie through Netflix.  I had hoped it would put her to sleep, but she was amazingly attentive.  Next we watched the first three episodes of Pride and Prejudice (1980).  She finally fell asleep during the third one, but by then everyone was up.  I was exhausted and felt ill all day long.  Finally around 8pm, I took the girls into my bedroom and set them in front of the TiVo.  I passed out, woke up a while later and nursed Dimples to sleep.  It wasn't easy to fall back asleep though and I was awake until about 11pm.  

Day Five

I got up at 5am, hit the couch and was out.  A little before 8am, I made myself get up because I had to get to Target.  It's now 10pm and I'm watching the Stanley Cup Finals.   I'm not even going to bother getting up at 5am tomorrow.  

So far I've gotten no reading done and no exercise.  I have stopped eating late at night, and since I'm not a big fan of eating in the morning, I've noticed a little change in weight.  I have thought about not making such a drastic change.  Perhaps I should go to bed a bit earlier, get up a bit earlier.  I want to see how next week goes first.  I don't mind the morning naps, but I want to try to avoid sleeping again *right* after I get up.  


  1. I have been sleeping like a dead person. After that successful first day, I was still going to bed early, and then just sleeping like 13 hours and getting up late as usual. Hmmmm... might have something to do with the clouds and rain each morning. Sorry you didn't seem to be feeling well. I am going to try again next week. For real.

  2. Oh man, rain would spoil it for me too!

    I've been the same way when trying to get up early before, where I go to bed on time, but sleep just as late. I've promised myself not to ignore the alarm. Unfortunately, I just move from one place to sleep, to the next! We'll both do better next week!

  3. Oooh, that's rough. Maybe it does not bode well for me. ;) Actually though, when I switch to mornings I'm planning on getting up at 7 am- it's earlier than the rest of the family, so I'll still have an hour or two of quiet "me" time. (I'm hoping I'll get up and do yoga. . .) Then at night, I'll try to go to bed at 11 or midnight. Once that's established, I might try getting up earlier.

    Talk is cheap, though. . .