June 1, 2009

The little mermaid

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."  --Marie Curie

We had a nice time at the lake this weekend. We went swimming, dug for mussels, played with the dog, explored the beach, rode the golf cart around, saw a deer and a wild turkey, and relaxed a little bit. Of course, the kids are always excited to watch satellite t.v. and play the Playstation, neither of which we have at our house. B and I got to watch a little of the French Open too. It was a short trip, but we are planning to go back in July. 

Funny Girl has always been fascinated by the water and creatures that live in it.  While at the beach, she was searching out all the shells she could find and throwing them back into the water.  That's "where they belong".  Despite her love of the water, she has always been very afraid of swimming.  She was petrified at the thought of being in the water without a death grip on B or I, and often claimed that she was drowning even though her head rarely got wet. After much coaxing, B finally convinced her to swim with him to the beach.   Once there, we watched in amazement as Funny Girl began to understand the water. She could choose how far to go in and out as she ventured further and further away from us. Pretty soon she was floating on her own and then swimming out from us. When I went to go make lunch, she swam across the cove all by herself! Her fear of the dock was gone too.  At the dock you just go down some steps into murky water and you can't see how deep it is.  A simple change in perspective was all she needed to conquer her fear.  A simple, but important lesson.


  1. So sweet, soon she'll be swimming so far you'll be coaxing her back. Last summer I had to physically stop my little one from following a sea turtle out to sea. :lol

  2. I can imagine! A sea turtle would be way too tempting, even for me!