July 9, 2009

What my children are reading this week

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all."
— Jacqueline Kennedy

Into the Sea was a wonderful story about a female sea turtle and her adventures. She's had a hard life, but it's all worth it in the end when she lays her eggs on the beach and swims back out to sea. Funny Girl is still in love with the ocean and I really enjoy books with beautiful illustrations and stories that draw you in.

Skeleton Hiccups was the favorite of the week. If you ever wondered what skeletons do all day, you are in for a treat. It was really fun to read all the hiccups and it wasn't long before Funny Girl was reading it to her sister all by herself. You'll never guess how he finally stops the hiccups!

Oodles of Noodles wasn't as fun as I had hoped it would be. The girls and I read it a couple of times, but the story isn't really that interesting.

Mermaids on Parade was a cute story about a girl participating in the summer solstice ritual on Coney Island, the Mermaid Parade. I liked it because it introduced the girls to a new celebration and of course mermaids are big around here. The girls didn't seem to care that much though.

No Storynory requests this week. Our normal bedtime routine was a little out of whack.

Robotson and I are made it through chapter 20 in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We'll be finishing it up next week!

Check out The Well-Read Child for even more great kids' books!


  1. My kids ADORE Skeleton Hiccups. I haven't heard of the other books but will keep them in mind for future trips to the library. My post is here.

  2. Just introduced my family to Storynory. I was trying to tel the Shoemaker and the Elves and gave up and let Natasha tell it better. They loved it.

  3. I am tempted by Skeleton Hiccups. I hope that it's not scary - Anna hates anything related to Halloween. Skeletons are on the border, but ghosts are a definite no-no. Maybe I'll look it up when I am in the library next week.

  4. Raising a Happy Child- Skeleton Hiccups isn't scary but it does have a ghost in it. And of course you might be able to guess that they scare the hiccups away. :)