July 17, 2009

What my children are reading this week

"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
— J. K. Rowling

Robotson and I will finish The Half-Blood Prince today. We left off today with the death of Dumbledore and he was very upset. I knew he would be. He has gone between refusing to finish the book, to wanting to know how it all ends, to wanting to write his own Harry Potter books. He's so much like me. I want my fiction to have happy endings. I want the good to always triumph and only evil to die. I half gave up the series myself after Sirius died. However, I think it's a really important lesson to learn. Sometimes good people get hurt or die when trying to stand up for the right thing. Hard choices have to be made. It might take a very long time for things to get better. So much can be learned in these books that I very much hope all of my children let me read the series with them, and then read them again on their own. I have now read books 1-6 at least three times each and I learn something new each time. I also enjoy them more with each reading. I look forward to reading the last book on my own again very soon and then sharing it with Robotson when he is ready. We are taking a break from Harry after the movie. I think another year will be good for him before the final book.

The girls and I read nothing new this week. We stuck with old favorites and familiar Storynorys It was that sort of week. Robotson has started reading to them a little on his own. He'll grab some Dr. Seuss and they'll go tuck themselves into my bed to listen.

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  1. I love the Harry Potter books. Gamma is a little young for these, really, although he and his dad are slowly working through the first. And I agree with the idea that kids should be exposed to death in literature and that doing the right thing should always win out.

    I've been slacking on the meme these last few weeks. We're reading tons, Beowulf at the moment, but I never seem to get a post up on time.

    Also great that Robotson is reading to his sisters now! What a wonderful thing for siblings to be able to share.

  2. I love HP books and sometimes just pick one randomly and read a chapter and two. I can't wait to read them to my daughter. But I have to pace myself - I don't want to bring her into this amazing world before she is ready for it. I am thinking 5+ - still quite a wait here.

  3. I didn't start reading HP with Robotson until he was 7. He'd already seen the first two movies before we read the first book though. It's really been so much fun but it'll be a while before the girls are ready for their turn.