August 2, 2009

An atheist goes to church

"Take from the church the miraculous, the supernatural, the incomprehensible, the unreasonable, the impossible, the unknowable, the absurd, and nothing but a vacuum remains."
– Robert G. Ingersoll

I think I'll have to disagree with Mr Ingersoll on this one. This morning I went to church, and had a really nice time actually. Two friends of mine were doing an atheist service at the local UU church and I wanted to be supportive, but I was also curious.

My family did not attend church when I was growing up so I was a little nervous going in. Fortunately, a couple of friends from our homeschool group are members and I was able to sit with them during the service. I would have been completely lost in the songs and readings without my friend's help! After the service, I met up with my "atheists" friends. Everyone agreed that the service was well done and completely comfortable. I love that I am part of two really great communities that can occasionally come together on Sunday mornings at a little UU church in Gwinnett.


  1. I was there too! I've been reading Raising Freethinkers and they mention visiting a UU church a number of times, especially in relation to religious lit. for the wee one. So I googled UU churches and was surprised to find out about this sermon! It was great fun and everyone was as warm and welcoming as I'd been led to believe. I don't know if we'll go any more (it's still "churchy") but who knows? Glad you enjoyed it-sorry I missed you. Oh, and the new template looks great!

  2. What a bummer that we didn't see each other! I'm glad you made it though! Most of the "atheists" that stood up at the end to read quotations aren't members of the church. I didn't read one, but we are all part of Gwinnett Understanding Secular Truths (GUST). So we were all there to show support. Don't know if you are interested in a monthly meeting with fellow heathens :)

    Thanks for the compliment on the template. :)

  3. Your monthly meeting conflicts with my writer's group, but that's ok. It was a fun morning, thanks.