August 25, 2009

Foundation Beyond Belief

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."
--Edmund Burke

Since you are here, I'm going to assume you have an interest in secular parenting. It's probably also safe to assume you have heard of Dale McGowan and his blog, The Meming of Life. And hopefully you've heard about the awesome project he has started called the Foundation Beyond Belief. Here's a little blurb:
Foundation Beyond Belief is a new 501c3 charitable and educational foundation created (1) to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanistic generosity, and (2) to support a nationwide nonreligious parent education program.

The Foundation will highlight ten charitable organizations per quarter--one in each of ten areas (health, poverty, environment, education, human rights, and more). Members join the Foundation by signing up for a monthly automatic donation in the amount of their choice, then set up personal profiles to indicate how they would like their contribution distributed among the ten categories. Maybe you'd like to give 25 percent each to human rights, poverty, education, and the environment. We'll distribute it accordingly. By year's end, you will have helped support a dozen organizations in the areas you care most about.
Sounds awesome doesn't it? It's creating quite a buzz and a lot of interest, but apparently not enough to inspire the needed funding. Money is tight everywhere, but if you've got a buck or two to spare, maybe you could chip in before September 1st. Every little bit helps!

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