August 13, 2009

What my children are reading August 13, 2009

"There is no royal road to geometry."
--Euclid in response to King Ptolemy requesting an easier way to learn mathematics

Funny Girl is having a math week. We've read Math Curse, How Much is a Million?, and The Dot & the Line.

In Math Curse, the teacher suggests that you can think of everything as a math problem. Suddenly it is! There are a lot of math problems in the story, and the answers are all on the back of the book. When I read it with Robotson, we work the problems out. With the girls, I just read the questions as part of the story. They like it all the same.

How Much is a Million is a fun book to help kids visual really big numbers like a million, a billion, and a trillion. The author uses everyday objects that kids understand the size of to represent the numbers. Again, with the girls we just read the book for fun. Robotson and I can talk about how the numbers would change depending on what is used to measure.

I picked up The Dot & the Line after Robotson and I read The Phantom Tollbooth. We both loved that book and I wanted more from Norton Juster. I wasn't disappointed. The girls really like this one because it's a love story. What girl wouldn't want to be wooed by a guy willing to learn and change himself? After we read the book, I found a YouTube video. We watched it twice and highly recommend it!

Robotson and I finished up Breakthroughs in Science yesterday. We'll be reading his book club book, From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, next.

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  1. Someone has mentioned How Much Is a Million to me before, and it sounds like a great book. It must be a little difficult to find those books that an older child and a younger child can enjoy at the same time, but I really like the books that we might be able to revisit when Anna is older. This sounds like one of them.