August 27, 2009

What my children are reading August 27, 2009

"I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves."
~Anna Quindlen

It's so hard having new books in the house and not reading them. I pulled out Verdi to read this evening because I couldn't resist it's beautiful cover. Verdi is a great little yellow snake who never wants to grow old and lazy...and green. Turns out he can't stop the way he looks on the outside, but that doesn't change who he is on the inside. I loved the illustrations and the girls loved it when Verdi flew through the air!

I picked up Little Caribou because on the first page the baby is nursing. The story is a nice glimpse into the life of the caribou. It briefly touches on some of the dangers they face, but there's nothing to fear for this little caribou - except maybe some flies.

Ariel's Secret is a favorite for the girls. I'm not a big fan of the little spin off Disney princess books, but I figure we read enough great stories to make up for it. Apparently, when Ariel was much younger, she went to the surface and met a boy who promised to keep her a secret. She realizes while looking at him on the boat that Prince Eric is the the little boy from so long ago. Eric doesn't remember meeting Ariel as a child, but she's happy to share her secret with the reader.

Robotson and I are about a third of the way through the fourth Little House book, On the Banks of Plum Creek. We are just about to read about the girls going to school for the first time. I'm interested in reading about it from a parent perspective. I don't remember much about this book so far. I worry that he'll be pretty upset when the grasshoppers destroy the wheat crop. It will give us a chance to talk again about the fairness of life. I expect we'll be finishing the book before my next update.


  1. "Verdi" sounds wonderful! I'm going to see if the library here has it.

  2. Anna was obsessed with Cinderella last week - something that I failed to report in my book post. I think little girls will like princess stories regardless of what their parents think of Disney :)