September 16, 2009

Out of sync

I haven't been able to put a finger on it exactly, but I sort of lost my rhythm. That's why there have been so few posts (well and the fact that we were all sick last week). I'd like to post more that comes right from me than I am currently. Sometimes I feel like the blog turned into manners and books. Both worthy topics, but they don't reflect our lives as a whole. I haven't been making the time to sit down and write in a while, or read for that matter. I always feel more inspired when I'm reading. So I guess consider this a little blog vacation and I'll be back this weekend on Sunday.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you when you're ready to post! Sometimes I have that too... I need a break.

    Sometimes I'm incredibly inspired and it flows naturally (like today).

    Take it easy and see you later in the weekend!

  2. Maybe it's the change in seasons? Does it feel like autumn's here where you are?

    [Maybe you can guess from 'autumn' that my 'here' is the UK, and today it's grey and making the summer feel like the distant past!]

  3. Rob- yeah it's really strange weather here. It's been raining all week and the week before it was cold! We usually have 90+ temps up to Halloween.

    Thanks Wendy :)

  4. Don't forget who you're writing for. If you're writing with your perceived audience in mind, you will write differently than if you just write for yourself.

  5. I mostly just write for me, but I know people read my blog, so I want to be interesting too :) Even when I had no readers, I sometimes felt like I strayed from the purpose a few times.