September 3, 2009

What my children are reading September 3, 2009

"From candlelight to early bedtime, I read."
--Thomas Jefferson

While looking for a birthday present for a one of our homeschooling friends, I found The Book That Eats People. It had great reviews and was relatively new, so I figured they wouldn't have it yet. I also knew I had plenty of time to check it out before the party. If it was too scary or inappropriate, I could return it. I determined to try it out on the girls before making a final decision. I read it to them and they didn't seem that interested. I wasn't sure what I thought and asked B to read it to get his opinion. He never got around to it, but the girls saw it and asked me to read it again. They requested an encore. We read it the next day, and again the next day. We ended up reading it every day this week. They love it! There is no doubt, this book is a little bit creepy. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but my girls squeal with scary delight every time I read the ending. They were really sad when I explained it was actually a gift. Looks like I'll have to grab a copy of our own.

We squeezed in a few of our favorites this week as well. Say Cheese! is another Charlie and Lola book. Lola is having her first school picture taken and wants to stay very clean and tidy. It's not as easy as it seems though!

The girls have been watching a lot of Super Why! lately and they enjoy that version of the ABC song better than the more conventional version. I pulled out the fridge magnets for them and some foam letters for the bathtub so they can match the letters to the song. To keep the theme going, I grabbed Dr. Seuss's ABCs for tonight. It's a fun book to read, but I think I like the smaller board book a little better. It's the same, but a bit more repetitive which appeals to Funny Girl who likes to say the words with me.

Robotson and I started Little Women today. He already knows quite a lot about it from The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd podcast. I was wondering if he'd enjoy it once I got started, but after reading the first three chapters, he asked me to read more. I was very impressed.


  1. Your girls are cool. There is NO way my daughter would like to read a book that is even remotely scary. Heck, she didn't want to read The Monster In the End of the Book. And she never warmed up to Seuss ABC even though she likes some other stories. It's amazing and exciting that everyone is so different.

  2. Both Dr. Seuss and Charlie & Lola are VERY popular in this house!

    I would attempt "Little Women", but I couldn't even get my son to listen to fairy tales last night. He said, "Mom, I want a story with some ACTION." *sigh*

    So much for the classics I enjoyed as a child! Into BoyWorld I venture!

    Hmm, perhaps he would enjoy "The Book that Eats People".

  3. Wendy- I've been continually surprised at how many "girl" classics my son has enjoyed. It's really been a lot of fun reading with him so far, but I try to encourage the other side too. We've read Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer, and Huck Finn also.

    Raising a Happy Child-I love the diversity too! I find myself looking forward to Thursday to find out what everyone else is reading.

  4. S, I have a question for you, but I couldn't find an email in your profile. Do you know of any books for kids like your girls that explain how the Earth came about from scientific point of view. All my homeschooling friends do Creation-based arts, and I would like to at least discuss the topic of Earth Origin with Anna on the level that she could connect to. Or do you think it's too early - you definitely have more experience in it than I do.

  5. I bet he'll love the book! Sounds fun. :)

  6. I added an email link for the future :) Thanks for reminding me.

    As for books, I would highly recommend Jennifer Morgan's books.

    Born With a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story

    From Lave to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth's Story

    Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story

    That last one isn't really what you asked, but it's in the same vein, and it's a trilogy. The books are for kids 9-12, but I read them to my girls and my son at the same time. The illustrations are just beautiful.

    Your daughter is probably not old enough to be interested right now, but there is one other book that you might want to look into. Perhaps reading it yourself first. It's called In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World by Virginia Hamilton. It's exactly what it says, but the great this is when you compare those stories to the Jennifer Morgan books, it's very easy for the child to see facts from fiction. How good are you at summarizing? If you read In the Beginning and then told her a couple of those in a simpler version, it would probably have the same effect.

    Hope that helps!!