October 22, 2009

Homeschool Days 10/22/09

"You learn something every day if you pay attention."
~Ray LeBlond

Did I mention our library had it's annual book sale a couple of weeks ago? I brought home three boxes of books that we somehow managed to stuff into our bookcases, but they are absolutely bursting at the seams now. The girls and I had a blast pulling them all out and talking about them, reading many, and deciding where they would go. By the way, a quick count of the number of books in the house got up close to 700. I was feeling pretty proud about that until some of my friends pointing out their collections are well over 1000. We'll get there though, I'm sure. Anyway, I've been trying to throw in a new book here and there to try to break up the favorites monopoly we have going right now. Here are a few I read with the girls this week.

The Runaway Kite and Painting the Town are part of Disney's Small World Library set.
These two star Mickey and Goofy learning about different countries through their wacky adventures. The Runaway Kite is set in Japan and centers around May 5th, the Boys' Day celebration. They make a kite and then help a young boy enter it into the kite contest. Don't worry, there's a Girls' Day too (March 3rd). In Painting the Town, the two pals are off to France to learn how to be great painters. Their paintings never quite turn out the way they want, but they meet many great friends along the way. At the end of each book, a couple of pages are dedicated to a few fun facts about the countries and Funny Girl learned how to say "good-bye" in both French and Japanese.

Miss Rumphius is such a pretty book. I couldn't resist it when I saw it at the sale. I'm so glad I picked it up. As a little girl, Alice would help her grandfather who was an artist and listen to his many stories. He tells her that she must find a way to make the world a little more beautiful and though she's not sure how, she promises to do it. She figures it out and through her stories, inspires other children to find a way to add their own beauty to the world.

With Autumn arriving and the leaves beginning to change, Funny Girl has been asking all the usual questions about how and why. So when I saw Down Come the Leaves, I had her in mind. It was the first book she pulled out and asked me to read. It's an old book from 1961 with fantastic pencil sketches including many leaves you might find in your own backyard. It's more than just a story about the Fall, it's really about the the role leaves play in a tree's cycle of life.

Robotson and I never did pick a book to read next. His next book club selection is The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse. We haven't started it yet. I think it will take us only two days to read though. I suggested reading something spooky for Halloween like Dracula, Frankenstein, or The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He wasn't so keen on the idea, but he tentatively agreed to the last. He's not afraid of anything, so it's not that. I think he's just sort of tired of reading at the moment, and maybe still a little caught up in Little Women. He did love that story. His current plan is to make a lot of money so that he can adopt four little girls and name them Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.

Last week was practically a vacation. We messed around a little with Google's Building Maker and SketchUp. We learned a little bit about Ardi, and set up his own blog.

This week we've really just been focusing on resolving conflicts with the No-Lose Method. We are making some progress, but finding some mistakes too. More on that later.

Today the kids decided to make their own Halloween costumes. We decided to go trick or treating at the aquarium. Funny Girl wanted to visit for her birthday (November 1), so this works out pretty good. We are going on Friday while most kids are still in school. On Saturday, we'll go see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. They've decided to be robots and are fashioning their costumes out of cardboard boxes and my kitchen utensils. This is what Funny Girls has so far.


  1. I adore library sales! I wonder what the odds are that the teeny, tiny library here will have one... Hmmm... I must ask.

    There are few pleasures as great as bringing home new books, be they shiny and new, new used, etc.

    Have fun!

  2. Interesting books! I love library book sales too - I brought home about 30 a few weeks ago. We have a sizeable library, and it's definitely growing. I do believe in sharing books, however, that's why I resist impulse buying, visit library every week and swap books at paperbackswap.com.
    I loved Halloween costume picture - how fun. Anna is going as a witch :)

  3. Thanks Wendy, we are having fun!

    I must admit, the library books are all impulse buys but at 5 books for a dollar, it's hard to resist! I spent $30 for those 3 boxes. I swap with friends, but I'm no good at sharing permanently. I'd miss them so much.

    I can't wait to see Anna's costume!

  4. Library sales are deadly for us. Our small town library has one EVERY month! They are soon going to have to start a self help group for us regulars. Then some thrifty, community minded woman decided to do a monthly book swap. It has exploded with books and attendees. So now I can't even use the .25 cent price as an excuse, because I can get them for free at the swap! Where does it end?!