November 23, 2009

Monday Manners 11/23/09

"Cell phones are the latest invention in rudeness."
~D.H. Mondfleur

I'm fairly late on introducing telephone etiquette to Robotson, but better now than never. We rarely get phone calls and I honestly didn't think much about it, but when my friend Mo called last week, I realized it needed to be addressed. The girls don't answer the phone, but I need to begin practicing with them as well.

Surf Net Parents had a good article that covers what I plan to work on with my kids on how to answer the phone properly.

The following is how a typical conversation should go:
Child: Hello?
Caller: Hi, is your mom there?
Child: May I ask who’s calling please?
Caller: This is Mrs. Jones from down the street.
Child: Yes, just a second please. (Or, if the parent is unavailable: She can’t come to the phone right now. Can I take a message?)

But along with proper phone manners, it's important for kids to know what to do in emergencies.

Your child should also know basic telephone safety, such as how to dial 911 or who to call in case of an emergency (a parent’s work number or cell phone numbers.) These numbers should be posted by the phone for the child’s reference. Knowing how to answer the telephone and telephone etiquette is an important skill you will use your entire life. That’s why it is important to teach your children when they are old enough to understand how to properly answer the phone and what to say.

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