November 29, 2009

Not magic enough

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."
--Eden Phillpotts

Funny Girl has come to the conclusion that I do not have magic, or at least not enough to make any difference. For example, Mary Poppins can snap her fingers to make toys and books jump back into their places. I gave my fingers a snap, but apparently the problem is it's just not loud enough. I need to practice more.

So I asked her what us non-magical people have to do when there are messes.

"Put on Mary Poppins movie so we can sing the song and pretend we have magic when we clean up."

I've also been informed that I will need to find some Pixie Dust.


  1. This is just so funny. I don't think my daughter believes in magic except Santa Claus :)

  2. I'm not entirely sure she believes in magic. I think she knows that it's just pretend. Yesterday she told me she had the real Tinkerbell, so I asked for some pixie dust. She informed me that it wasn't real magic, just pretend. LOL