December 17, 2009

A year in photos

In 2001 I found some beautiful photo boxes on clearance at a "Going Out of Business" sale. I bought all that they had and gave them out to the grandparents and great-grandparents, along with 20 photos of Robotson from the previous year. Every year since, I've chosen 20 pictures of each child and sent them to be added to their boxes. I hope they can flip through them and watch how the kids grew and changed, what their interests were, and what we did at different times in their lives. It's gotten harder to take a lot of pictures with so many kids and things going on. It's really difficult (at least for me) to bring a camera along whenever we are out. I can't keep an eye on everyone while taking shots. I did a decent job this year though and I'm ahead of schedule in getting everything ready to print. It would be too much to post them all, but here are a few of my favorites. Hope your year was as wonderful as ours.

Last Christmas Eve. Since I give them at Christmas, I have to use the previous holiday photos. So it's really a year in pictures from Christmas to Christmas.

A rare snow in March!

B's mom and step-dad built a cabin and set up a hunting stand. Robotson doesn't have any interest in hunting, but he wanted to look the part anyway.

Same snow in March.

Funny Girl in the spring.

The Fourth of July.

At the lake house in May.

Why I keep the markers locked up at all times.

Sweet girl.


  1. OMG, I can't tell the difference between Dimples and Funny Girl in some of these shots! What an incredible difference a year makes in the life of a child! - Mo

  2. Great pics! Love the markers shot - we have one of those as well - not a trace of being guilty in them :)

  3. I LOVE the one with your little girl and the markers all over. She's such an artist! Reminds me of what my friend Ren does. Off to go get the bloggy address... I'll be back to post it.

  4. Check out

  5. Amazing photos. We have a marker one from a couple of months ago too!

  6. Wow, they are growing up so fast! I can't believe how much they look like you!

  7. Wow, those are beautiful. I like the marker one and your daughter in the snow especially. What kind of camera do you use to get such great shots?

  8. Thank you for all of the compliments! I may be a little biased ;) but I do think they are quite beautiful children and so easy to photograph.

    vertpaix-I really like that blog! Thanks, the Laura Bowman art was fantastic!

    Cogito- I have the Canon 30D.

  9. So cute! Merry Christmas from Guatemala!