January 22, 2010

Homeschool Days 1/21/10

"I never did a day's work in my life.  It was all fun."
-Thomas Edison

Our school week was partially derailed by a cold.  I think we've done rather well considering, but not exactly where I was hoping to be our second week back.


I'm still not reading with the girls, but at least I think I know where I am going to start.  I found a really neat book on children's literature at the library sale last year.  I'll have to update with a link when I can grab it from the bedroom a little later.  Flipping through it, it starts with nursery rhymes and poems, then fables and short stories, and on to longer children's stories.  I think it will be neat to share more of the stories I remember from when I was a young; we haven't really read a lot of those together.

This week Robotson wanted to read more Valuetales.  The Value of Foresight:  The Story of Thomas Jefferson was largely lost on him, I think.  Foresight is something I am continually lecturing him about and as you can imagine, he mostly just ignores.  I can't say I blame him really.  To a kid, life is in the moment.  However, The Value of Creativity:  The Story of Thomas Edison was right up his alley.  If I didn't know better, I'd say Robotson is Edison reincarnated.  According to the book, he took all of his toys apart, ruining them.  He frequently experimented with things that ended up blowing up or causing trouble.  He wasn't a good student so his mom homeschooled him, teaching him to love reading and science.  When he got an idea into his head, he didn't want to take the time to find out what knowledge people already had, he just ran with it.  That's my kid.

Our next book club selection is The Black Stallion, but we are still waiting for it to arrive.  In the meantime, we are reading Tuck Everlasting.  I'm secretly hoping that he'll be so interested in the idea of immortals that he'll want to watch the Highlander series with me.


Over the weekend, we made a donation to the American Humanist Association for Haiti.  A couple of days later, we got an email with a link to pictures showing how the donations were being used.  Robotson was so very proud.  He is planning a blog post, but we keep getting interrupted or find ourselves too tired to do any more at the end of our school time.


We had a blast playing Placefy, a picture-based geography game.  Robotson was amazingly good at figuring out the locations based on architecture and landmarks.  I was really impressed.  Before we quit, his highest score was 3500 points.

Ad Decoder is a sort of simplistic look at how the ads we see are misleading.  I think it made a bigger impression on him when I showed him the Dove Evolution video.  It's still a good reminder that kids believe most of what they see and we should try to encourage them to question what they are being told.  After that, we clicked on Your Body and read up on diabetes.  One of Robotson's best friends has diagnosed with Type 1 last May.  We also have several family members with Type 2 diabetes, so Robotson is very concerned about the impact of this disease on the people that he loves.

And finally, Robotson insisted that I include the link to this blog post on Mixing, written by the father of some of our homeschooling friends.  I read this to him today, explaining that he may not know most of what I was reading to him.  I just thought he might find it interesting, since he's so into music.  I'm still not sure how much he understood, but he really liked the post.


  1. Wow - I admit that I just wasted good 10 minutes trying Placefy :) I wish it didn't start from the beginning every time, but fun. Hopefully the reading with girls will pick up soon and everyone feels better.

  2. Here's a site that I think our readers might enjoy. It is called MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids (www.meetmeatthecorner.org)

    This series of free educational video pod casts is directed at kids ages 7-12. Each three-minute episode includes links to fun websites, a list of recommended books and a Learning Corner of questions and extended activities about the topic.
    New episodes are uploaded every two weeks. On 1/18 there will be an episode about Everyday Physics from the New York Hall of Science. On February 1, there's a show about Thomas Edison filmed at the new Thomas Edison Museum in West Orange New Jersey. And later in February, there is an episode on how to prepare for your school science fair.

  3. Thanks Raising a Happy Child, we seem to be on the mend. :)

    Anon- I'll definitely have to check out that podcast, thank you!