February 14, 2010

Funny Girl's first rite of passage

"I want to get my ears pierced right now." said Funny Girl as we were pulling out of the Costco parking lot.  I asked her what she meant by "right now".  Right now as in that's the next place I should take her, or right now instead of when she was "big like me" which was her previous position.  

"Right now." she tells me.  

So we went over to Claire's at the Mall of Georgia.  Apparently malls are really super busy on the weekends.  Who knew?  There was a little girl in front of us, also four, that was just about to get hers done when we walked up.  She was amazingly stoic.  They did both of hers at the same time and for a good couple of minutes afterwards the only thing she moved was her wide open eyes, back and forth.  Did she want to look in the mirror?  No reply.  After a little while though her eyes teared up a bit and then she was o.k.  Funny Girl was amazed and totally ready to go.  I filled out the forms while she picked the pair of earrings she wanted.  She settled on a pair of flowers with different colored petals, like a rainbow.  They were really cute, but I wanted her to pick something in white gold instead of stainless steel.  Her second choice was a flower with pink petals, so we went with those.  The lady doing the piercing explained how she had to clean her ears and then mark a little dot where the earring would go.  Funny Girl was more worried about the pen than the little piercing gun.  So she got it all lined up and and popped in the first one.  Funny Girl first looked shocked, then she got mad.  She wouldn't let her near the other ear, didn't want to see it, and was most definitely getting off of that chair!  Attempts to be reasonable weren't going to work and there was a line, so we took a bit of break to look around the store.  After some intense negotiations, where I ended up being talked into getting my own ears double pierced, she was willing to have her other ear done.  By now we were several people back in the line but both girls were happily picking out glasses and makeup to complete their purchases. 

Our turn again, I hopped up and got double pierced.  Funny Girl was next and for a minute tried to be ornery, but she did it.  

She's really excited about her new earrings and already looking forward to when she can buy a few more pairs.  It was an amazing experience for me too, one of those special mother-daughter moments.  

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