February 11, 2010

Homeschool Days 2/11/10

"Halfway between the past we can't change and the future we can only imagine, we find ourselves in the present. Not just the present year, but the present day; not just the present day, but the present moment."
—Sandra Dodd

I joined a Thursday roundup of posts on homeschooling from a secular perspective aptly named Secular Thursday.  Click the link to see a list of who is participating and join in!

As for our week, well at least none of us is sick anymore.  That doesn't mean we accomplished much though.  We had a great weekend, but Monday we had to drop everything to help out B- who left his wallet at home.  It was a good way to model the willingness to put aside plans at the last minute, without complaining, to help someone in need.  We went to the G.U.S.T. meeting in the evening, which was probably the most secular part of our school week.  Robotson asked if he could join the meeting.  I told him that he would have to be able to sit quietly and that most of the topics wouldn't make sense to him.  Not to mention, we talk about adult subjects.  He asked what this meeting was for anyway.  I told him it was for people who didn't believe in a god to get together and discuss things related to that.  He said, "Oh well then I wouldn't want to be part of the meeting anyway since I believe in God."  Yeah, this is a relatively new development that is simultaneously irritating and bemusing to me.  I'm not irritated that he wants to believe in something, but that his ideas about it are so similar to adults that just believe without knowing why.  He tells me that he thinks God helps him win his video games.  When I asked him why God would take the time to do that when there are people that need food, clean water, medicine, etc. he tells me that God can't know everything.  He's not familiar enough with any belief system to know that God should be all-knowing, all-good, and all-powerful.  I think at this point he just really wants to do the opposite of what I do.  So I usually ignore comments or ask him if he'd like to learn more about the different religions.  He always declines.

Tuesday is one of our days off, but we did go to the playdate.  Today I had a photo gig, tomorrow is B's birthday, and Friday the kids and I are going to see Creation at a friend's house.

So we have not finished The Black Stallion Returns yet, nor started on anything new, but I feel like we are learning a lot about life right now.  I figure it all evens out in the end.


  1. It's pretty interesting that Robotson decided to believe in God. I think it's excellent that he is able to make up his mind on something that most children his age don't really question one way or another. I am glad that there is a linky for secular homeschoolers - it looks like there are so few of them out there, but I am pretty sure it's only because they usually don't advertise their views quite as much as religious people do.

  2. Captain Science (my oldest) has been exploring his spiritual beliefs a lot lately. That group looks interesting, but it's a shame that it is such a trek from Cobb to there!

  3. Raising a Happy Child- I'm always surprised that I keep finding more and more secular homeschoolers/bloggers. Just when I think I know about all of them, I find a whole bunch more.

    Smrt Mama- The GUST group is really fun, but it would be quite a drive! If you ever find yourself over this way though, drop in :)