February 6, 2010

Homeschool Days 2/6/10

"All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education."
 -Sir Walter Scott

Been getting caught up on stuff around the house, hence the late posting.  The good news is I'm halfway done.  The bad news is I still have half of the house to clean.


We finished The Black Stallion (barely) in time for the book club.  My daily headaches plagued us, but we did it.  Our selections for February include The Black Stallion Returns (currently half finished), The Lightning Thief, and The Secret Garden (next book club pick).

We also read Names, Sets, and Numbers.  Though we'd never really talked about the those math concepts, they are pretty basic ideas.  I'm thinking this is more of a preschool type book.  I remember doing worksheets on this stuff as a kid and I was glad to see that the ideas don't really have to be drilled in that way.  Just everyday life taught Robotson, and the girls will probably pick it up without the need for rote memorization too.

Robotson wanted to read to the girls this week, and they chose several from our Dr. Seuss collection.  They also sat in a couple of times as I read to Robotson.


Tough Guy Challenge 2010 - Fortunately Robotson thought it was a bit too muddy.  Hard to believe from a kid who used to do this.

What is a Phoenix?

That was pretty much all we did last week.  Have a great weekend!  Anyone watching the Super Bowl?  Go Colts!

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