April 19, 2010

AIR Meetup- May 2nd, 2010

I'm fairly certain our next get together is going to be Sunday, May 2nd at 2pm.  In fact, the plan is to meet on the first Sunday of every month at 2pm.  I'll be sure to update here, but add us to your calendar!

We are looking for a semi-permanent place to meet.  So this time we'll be at Rhodes Jordan Park in Lawerenceville.  This park has a community room with a kitchen, which we hope to utilize during inclement weather or if we get a speaker, etc.  We won't be inside this time though, those details are still being worked out; we'll be by the playground.

As with last time, bring a picnic lunch if you like and pets are welcome!  And this time, we'll even have the famous Brother Richard among us!  Hope to see you there!

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