May 28, 2010

Secular Thursday: Homeschool Days 5/27/10

Let's see...we finished How To Train Your Dragon, facilitated the book club meeting, got new tires for the van, spent a couple of hours at the pool, and managed not to kill each other.  Yes, I'd say it was a very productive week.  Actually, we are all discombobulated because Funny Girl has swimming lessons in the morning this week and next.  Since we are already out of whack, it seems like a good time to just take a break.  I'll be spending the weekend cleaning and the kids get the run of the house!  A win for everyone!

A cute story about swimming lessons with Funny Girl.  I mentioned before that they do a prayer before the lesson.  I didn't explain this to FG beforehand.  I was interested to see what she thought of it on her own.  So the first day, eager to please, she copied what the instructor did.  The woman kneels down and asks everyone to bow their heads.  FG was so excited that this looked so simple.  She knelt down then proceeded to talk right through the prayer as she told me she could do it just like the teacher!  Oops.  So the next morning I explain that we should be quiet during the prayer.  She can kneel or whatever she wants to do, but not talk.  She informed me this was because it is impolite to talk when someone else is talking.  So she kneels, doesn't interrupt, and then pops up to tell me that praying is just getting down on the ground.  Tee hee!  Third day, she kneels and that's that.  We were late today, but I think she's got it down pat.  I find the whole thing quite amusing.

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