August 23, 2010

Health Update - August 2010

"The rest of the world lives to eat, while I eat to live."

On June 13th I posted that my weight was 157.  Today I am at 152, where I've been stuck for about a month.  Weight loss can get tedious, so I decided to maintain during July.  We were going to Disney at the end of the month, and counting calories would have been nearly impossible.  Apparently Disney doesn't offer nutritional information.  Still, we've been back for three weeks and I'm still stuck.

I finally made an appointment to see a doctor.  I haven't had a regular check-up since before I was pregnant with Robotson.  I haven't needed to see anyone for sickness in those last 10 years.  Quite amazing when I think about it, but it's not a good idea to keeping pushing it.  So I saw someone last week, and I go back in 2 months for a real physical.  While there, I did ask him what he thought could help me break this latest plateau.  He suggested weight training.  Yuck.  So I'm starting tomorrow.  Twice a week at the Y, I will be torturing myself on the machines.  The other five days of the week I'll keep working on the treadmill or the Wii.  Eventually, I am going to have to start running to prepare for the Warrior Dash.  I'm just a little scared.


  1. At least we can be scared together :)

  2. How come I don't get a work-out buddy? :(

  3. I wish we lived closer together Mo! Hopefully the weather will cool down a little and we can walk again on Wednesdays before coffee.