August 13, 2010

Love Bugs

"Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar."
~Bradley Millar

This is Lucilia coeruleiviridis, otherwise known as a Green Bottle fly.  Looks like this one was locked in during our trip because all of the insides had turned to dust, leaving only it's exoskeleton and wings.  It's just one in a long line of bugs that we've been looking up recently.  I guess it first started during Funny Girl's swimming class.  There were lots of different kinds of insects hanging around the water.  We'd come up in the morning, and she's inspect for anything new. Often it was another reason she didn't want to join the class in the water.  I was perfectly content to let her study them, but the teacher wasn't a big fan.

So I've been trying to photograph all of our finds.  We watch them, talk about them, and look them up online.  It only seemed fitting to blog about them next.  Here are several we've come up just this past week.

This beauty stopped for a rest on our kitchen screen.  It looks like a Romalea guttata to us.  They didn't stay long, but we were able to get a really good look at it's belly starting a whole new fascination with what bugs look like underneath.  Dimples and I stepped out onto the porch to snap a few regular shots before it crawled up to the top of window, and then jumped away.

Our knowledge of bugs is limited, and we couldn't identify this one.  Still, Funny Girl wanted to keep it forever, and gave it a Cheerio.  Unfortunately, it had a lack of air problem; that and perhaps a slight concussion from being constantly turned upside down.

When we picked up this beetle, we were careful to give it enough air to make it through the photo shoot.  It was an active little thing - never stopped moving.  We let it out to walk along the window sill for a while.  It was really adorable, I must admit, and kept falling off.  We finally put it back outside.  Funny Girl says "he's really just so cute."

I found this beautiful Tiger Swallowtail butterfly in our backyard.  He was already dead, but in perfect condition.  Well, except for the ants who ate a hole in his abdomen and were cleaning him out.  The kids were very excited to touch and look at him as much as they wanted.  He was eventually placed on the mantel.  I relocated him to the trash can today when he began to break into pieces.  If we keep this up, we are going to need to look into some preservation techniques.

We've got a couple more to identify, so look for another fun-filled bug post soon!  But if you can't wait, check out these websites we found in our searches. - A huge list of websites about insects.  Most of the links below came from this list.

Cool Bug Stuff

Insect World

Insects at Animal Corner

Insect Body Parts


  1. My son and I love bugs - he isn't afraid to touch anything - we do our best to figure out what they are (Flickr has a cool group to use to ID insect photos):

  2. I often use this one, if I can't figure out what something is:

    The Pirate is especially fond of checking out bugs we find. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love your pictures Darwin! The snails are the best. Can't wait to show Funny Girl!

    That's a great site Kit, thanks. :) I never thought I'd get into bugs, but I must admit - it's pretty fun. I should bring my camera to the park next time and see what we can find.

  4. I want to love this post, but I'm itching already! I've had insect nightmares since I was little and cannot bring myself to love the little critters.

  5. What kind of beetle is that? It looks like the bugs that have been coming into my downstairs hallways and dying. I am not a bug lover, but recently found the beauty in spiders. I still don't want them in my house though :) Had Funny Girl ever scene a daring Jumping spider? They are quite beautiful. My picture is not very good, the google images are closer up - I had mine in a glass LOL.

  6. Christin-no clue, just a beetle :) I've seen a ton of them around here. Robotson went to Staples with his grandparents the other morning and said they were all over the store front. The employees were sweeping big piles of them out. LOL I'll have to look up the spider, I don't think we've seen one. I have a picture of a gorgeous spider and web that was on our back porch the other night, but my pics aren't that great either. I need to learn how to shoot spider webs.

    Carol- I know what you mean. I'm not really afraid of the bugs, but I still feel a little creeped out just looking them up.

  7. Those are some pretty cool bugs. BooBoo has absolutely no fear about touching, grabbing or poking any bug or critter...or bringing them into the house. :)