October 7, 2010

Saturday Trick or Treat

"Halloween wraps fear in innocence,
As though it were a slightly sour sweet.
Let terror, then, be turned into a treat..."
~Nicholas Gordon

The county we live in has decided to move Halloween.  This was in our local paper this morning.

Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith, in conjunction with local mayors, police chiefs and county commissioners, is asking parents in Barrow County to observe Halloween trick-or-treating this year on Saturday, Oct. 30, instead of Oct. 31 when Halloween is traditionally celebrated.
“I have met with the mayors of all cities located inside Barrow County and their police chiefs and together, we all felt it would best if Halloween was observed on Oct. 30,” said Sheriff Smith.

Smith said public safety personnel will be out in force both nights.
“We want kids to enjoy the fun of trick-ortreating, but we want them to be safe,” Smith said. “This is why we are asking parents to recognize Halloween one day early, and take their kids trick-or-treating on Saturday instead of Sunday.”

As a parent I would like to know why it is safer to trick or treat on a Saturday night?  If anything, it may perhaps be less safe as there will be more parties on a Saturday night.  More parties means more drinking, and perhaps driving recklessly.

I am glad to see that the only comment so far on the story is a negative one.

This isn't really about being safe.  This is about religion.  It's bad enough that there is such a holiday as Halloween, but for it to fall on a Sunday - well that's just blasphemy!  That's what the cynical atheist in me says anyway.  More likely it has to do with people not wanting to take their kids out for candy (or expected to be home handing it out) when they could be attending evening church services.  

But it's the dishonesty that really bothers me.  I'm making an assumption here; the sheriff knows he is an elected official and therefore not allowed to cite religion as the reason.  It doesn't matter to me when we trick or treat, but my government being deceitful is a big problem.  


  1. We'll be going out on Sunday. Maybe Saturday too just to get extra loot! LOL!!

    I do agree, why IS it safer on Saturday. Total stupidity! I wish Chrisitians would read a book besides the bible. Geesh!

  2. I was thinking it was because Sunday is a school night, and Halloween night tends to be a big drunk driving night (never have figured that out). Either way, no candy for any trick-or-treaters on October 30th, it isn't Hallo'een!


  3. Jess- The only thing with Sunday being a school night is that they don't change it when Halloween falls on a Mon-Thurs. This only happens when it's on a Sunday.