January 28, 2011

January 2011: Week 4

It's been one of "those" weeks.   Monday and Tuesday were o.k., but what I was hoping to accomplish was clearly not what the kids were interested in doing.  I've done a lot of deep breathing over the past three days, but I also lost it a couple of times.  

Bye-bye van and girls *sniff*
We had a different sort of weekend to start with.  The girls both spent the night with Granny and Papa in Monticello.  This was the first sleepover for Dimples, and the first long weekend for Funny Girl.  So Robotson and I were here all by ourselves.  I thought maybe we'd do maths, but it turns out he wanted to watch Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana all weekend.

Where I sat all weekend.
I wasn't terribly upset with this as I was missing the girls so much I could barely muster the energy to check my email.  I did end up reading a lot though.   The girls came back Sunday night with colds.  So that pretty much had us stuck at home when I was really looking forward to a play date/card game with our homeschooling buds.

Robotson and I did finally get back to math.  We reviewed subtraction and borrowing for a couple of days.  He doesn't like it, so he didn't want to pay much attention, which is probably why the rest of the week didn't turn out so well.  As for reading, we are in the middle of The Long Winter.  That's all we did together, but on his own Robotson was busy with LEGO creations, composing on his keyboard, writing, writing, and writing, plus practicing his debating skills with B and I.

Recently the kids have really gotten into picture books where you can make up your own stories.  I've gotten several from the library:  Chalk, The Silver Pony, and Wave.  Plus we own a couple I've picked up here and there.  Funny Girl has since been inspired to draw her own book that we can make up a story for.  Robotson on the other hand, is writing out his story for Chalk.

ETA I forgot to add a link to a great game we've been playing today from the Smithsonian American Art Museum called Meet Me At Midnight.  The kids LOVE this game, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot too.  (h/t Free Technology for Teachers)

That's about all for this week.  B started training on his second job so now he's working all of the time.  It's a huge adjustment for all of us, and I shouldn't stress too much about our lack of productivity.  The good news is that we can breathe a little easier financially, but how much will it cost us as a family?  Only time will tell.  I think we'll be o.k.  He can work this second gig from home and I plan to use every penny to pay bills and maximize his efforts.

Have puddles...
...will jump.


  1. I LOVE the puddle pictures!! What a cool childhood moment to capture. I hope the kids are feeling better and we see you next week. Maybe it will even be warm enough for OUTSIDE!! I think we could all use a dose of sunshine right about now.

  2. Yes, those puddle stomping pics are perfect.

  3. Thanks Christin and Grace!

    I will see you both this week right? Say yes, say yes...