February 25, 2011

February 2011: Week Four

Slow down!!  I am not ready for March to start.  This week was pretty nice, but we had some rough spots.  One such trouble area is the status of the spare room "painting" project.  It's taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r and is no longer just about paint, but an entire room makeover.   We now have three out of four walls painted, except for the floorboards.  This last wall had a lot of dings, and some holes in it (don't ask.)  It's taken a while to get everything patched, sanded, taped, and ready to paint.  Robotson and I should be able to do that first coat tomorrow finally.  On top of that, the flooring we picked had to be ordered and won't be here for a week.  I guess at least this gives us time to finish the walls.  Right now it seems like very little progress is being made, but I think it's going to all come together really suddenly and then be done.  Can't wait to show it off!

Robotson and I finished The Long Winter, which he presented at the book club meeting today.  The new format was fun and the kids seemed to really like it.  So I guess this means we are back in book club.  We also finished the art projects.  I'll do a separate post with pics after the show tomorrow.

A spider made at book club.
We didn't get back to math this week.  Robotson spent some time playing Timez Attack, but that was about it.  We are both ready to be done with this extra stuff so we can get back to our more regular schedule.  Unfortunately, I don't know how normal things will be next week.  We have a field trip on Tuesday, then the park, then movie night.  Wednesday I have to go back to the dentist, and might be all blah the rest of the day.  And my Gramma is coming in to town this weekend to spend a week helping my mom and dad, who's recovering after the surgery to repair the break in his elbow.  So we may spend some time down with my parents.  

Caught myself!

Since the weather has been so beautiful, I can't help but get lulled into the idea that spring is here.  It's a good bet we'll have another bout of really cold weather though.  Still, I got bit by the spring cleaning bug.  The girls and I went through the toys bins in the basement and filled up a couple of trash bags worth of stuff to donate.  Soon we'll go through clothes and the rest of the house.  I already took a carload to Goodwill just to be rid of it.  Feels good.

Even our dog, Max, got his "spring cleaning".
Isn't he handsome?

I had a bit of free time on Thursday so I took a walk through town with my phone snapping pics.  I walked past our local bookstore and decided it was time to finally check it out.  I wasn't expecting much.  I figured the prices wouldn't be able to compete with Amazon, and the selection would be mostly religious.  Well I was wrong.  It's chock full of books with reasonable pricing and they had a big variety.  Lots of classics.  I began to think all my homeschooling mom friends would love this little shop.  Mom's Day Out, anyone?

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