February 4, 2011

February 2011: Week One

Except for the weather, this was a good week.  Actually, the weather was pretty nice on the weekend.  Saturday we went to the park, and Sunday the girls and I went driving around.  We decided to stop at a local cemetery that we pass several times a week.  While looking at the headstones we found some of the people that have streets named after them.  The girls are too young to understand the significance of the birth and death dates, but they enjoyed looking around.  We talked about ghosts, zombies, and what happens to our bodies when we die.  At first Funny Girl was really skittish, but after I pointed out the beautiful clear sunny skies, and warm weather - she felt better.

Best Friends
Then the cold and rain rolled in, but at least this week we got to attend the play date.  It was also the mom's classic book club meeting.  We didn't actually discuss the book, but we did watch the movie: Murder on the Orient Express.  I  prefer the Albert Finney version I used to watch with my dad growing up.

Waiting for the guys to finish their eye exams.

This week we also finally finished up our eye appointments.  Robotson picked out a new pair of glasses that make him look like a "computer boy."  I'll definitely be posting pics when they come in.

Quick update on math with Robotson, we did adding and subtracting decimals.  The video below is a great way to help kids remember to line up the decimals.  Believe me, they will beg you to stop singing the song because "they've got it already!!"

Today we started review of multiplication, which we'll continue next week.  Also today we started on our art projects for our friend Christin's Art Gallery show.  Funny Girl wants to do a sculpture, Robotson is doing a full presentation with a LEGO band he created, then did a stop motion animation film of them "playing" to a song he remixed in GarageBand.  It's pretty cool.  Dimples is undecided.

That pretty much wraps up this week.

Oh, one more thing.  My friend Grace inspired me to write my very first haiku.  Check out her blog My Year In Haiku for much better ones!

red ripe summer fruit
in harsh illumination
'mater abduction


  1. Great haiku!! I can't wait to see the kids art projects, they sound really cool!!