February 13, 2011

February 2011: Week Two (For Real This Time)

Finally catching up on last week!

Last weekend we met my parents and sister at the mall for lunch.  Being in the mall with grandparents is sort of like Christmas.  We ended up being there for five hours, but we all had a blast and the time flew by.  

The kids, my nephew included, had the most fun at this slot car race track. We also hit the LEGO store, Disney store, got ice cream cones, and rode the carousel.  It was so fun we decided to get together the next Saturday to go roller skating.

On Tuesday the girls and I made a trip to Target to see about modeling clay for their art pieces.  I got each of them a tub of Crayola Air-Dry Clay and let them go to town.  The day before, Funny Girl and I had talked about artists, sculptures, and how it can take a person a long time to be very good at something.  I know my kids, they all want to do everything perfectly the very first time they try it.  I'm the exact same way.  I asked her leading questions to help her think through the possibility that her sculpture may not resemble the Little Dancer.  I thought the conversation went very well since she did most of the thinking through it, and I only prompted her a little bit here and there.  And as it turned out, the project was harder than she had expected.  She got frustrated several times, but was able to quickly recover, and try something else.  Eventually though, she did give up on sculpting a dancer.  She went with a slightly easier design, a volcano.  :)  We've been letting it dry for a few days and she'll get a chance to paint it next week.  Dimples, just wanted to play with her clay and ended up putting it all back in the tub when she was finished.  She's still quite undecided if she's even going to be in the art show.  

Robotson and I did a few days of multiplication, but with the painting project and B's birthday, we didn't put much effort into keeping up with it.  I think he needs some additional review, and of course he would do well to just memorize the times tables, but I am satisfied that if he puts even the slightest bit of effort in, he can figure several digit numbers quite easily.  I don't mean to sound nonchalant about it, but I've found that the less I worry, the better it goes for all of us.  Even if he's behind right now, he always catches up and there are still so many other things that he's much more knowledgeable about - like music.  I know, I've said all of this before.  I think we'll work on division next week.  For some reason he's much better at division than multiplication, so I expect we'll breeze through it.  Then we'll do multiplying and dividing decimals and fractions.  I figure that will be enough math for a while and we can move on to something else as "unit" study.  

In other news, we've decided to jump back into the book club.  There is a new format for the meetings, so we are going to give it a try.  He's reading The Long Winter for the meeting.  We've been reading this a little longer than usual, but it's because of all the extra stuff we've been doing; I end up cutting the reading short, or skipping it altogether.

Wednesday night it snowed again.  It was like a winter wonderland on Thursday morning, with bright blue skies and everything covered in sparkling white.  I was up early to go to the dentist, otherwise I would have missed how pretty it was.  Most of it was melted by noon.  Best kind of snow.

A rare photo of B, plus new glasses!

B's birthday was pretty low-key.  We grabbed Thai food, pizza, and cake.  The boys' glasses came in so we picked those up too.  Probably the best part was that B didn't have to work either of his jobs.  It was a pretty good day.  

Yesterday I took Robotson to All American Skating Center.  He's never been to a roller rink before, and I'm not sure he'll ever want to go back actually.  My dad fell shortly after we got there and dislocated his elbow.  He's going to be fine, but Robotson felt pretty nervous before going, and even worse after the accident.  He did go around the rink a couple of times, but he's just so unsure of himself.  
I thought he might enjoy watching the DJ do his thing, but even that didn't hold any interest for him.  I guess because he didn't really like the music.  I had a blast though, and really want to go back!  That was seriously the best exercise I've gotten in a while.  I would totally spend $8 to skate in circles for a couple of hours.  Who's with me?