February 14, 2011

Mindful Monday: Making Moon Cookies

One of our bedtime books last week was The Moon Might Be Milk by Lisa Shulman.  It was a recommendation I saw on another blog (and I wish I could remember which one!)  The little girl in the story wants to know what the moon is made of, so she asks all of her animal friends along the way to Gramma's house.  Each animal guesses a different ingredient in what turns out to be a recipe for moon (sugar) cookies.

"Can we make moon cookies?"  Tomorrow, I promised.  Before we could go to bed though, we had to make sure we had each ingredient on hand.

The next day the kids had forgotten all about them.  Normally I might have just let it go without notice.  Maybe they never remember.  Maybe they remember weeks later; either way we certainly don't need to make and eat more cookies. But I knew how excited they'd been the night before. We had the time, so I got everything out and called for the kids.

No one paid any attention.

I thought about waiting, but this was really the perfect time as I had nothing else I had to be doing.  I figured they'd wander in eventually.  Plus, this gave me a chance to take pictures - something that is difficult to do with three eager participants.  Dimples came in as I was measuring the flour and I let her finish that part.  Robotson added the egg and Funny Girl took over the stirring.

The whole process was laid back and fun, which isn't always the case with food preparation around here.  I don't particularly enjoy cooking or baking.  If we ever win the lottery (which will never happen because we don't play), I am hiring a cook first.   Since I don't enjoy making food, I don't like a lot of fuss and mess.  Kids don't operate that way of course, and I usually get stressed out.  But I'd decided that this was about going with the flow, not about making perfect cookies.  The recipe makes about three dozen, but they were gone nearly as fast as it took to bake the next batch.  Yes, I know that's a lot of cookies.  We'll call it lunch for that day.  And it made them happy.


  1. We read this book a few weeks ago! Very cute - wish I had thought to make the cookies!

  2. Yum! Good job with the no-stress cooking.