March 27, 2011

March 2011: Week Four

I want to officially protest the end of March because I'm not ready for another month to be gone.  Still I'm happy with where we are and what we are doing these days.

Let's see....what did we do this week?

Monday we had an impromptu sleepover with Kitmama's boys.  Tuesday we did the park day/game night thing with the Bears et al.  Wednesday, Robotson and I finished The Mysterious Benedict Society.  We thought we'd be clever and do some morse code for the book club meeting.  Unfortunately when I copied the code out I forgot a word and it was a bit of bomb.  Why was I copying the code and not Robotson, you ask?  Well because when he showed me his attempt, I suggested he make the spaces between the letters and words more pronounced.  He didn't want to do this, so I did an example to show him, which ended up being what we used.  Robotson wasn't very happy about the mistake and some harsh words were spoken.  I was embarrassed, but I took the opportunity to tell him how his words and actions made me feel during our drive home.  He thought about it for a while and made a sincere apology, so I think we both benefited from a less confrontational approach.  

Our friend Nic.
Then Robotson wanted to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  I flipped through it and felt it wasn't going to be a good read-aloud book and suggested he give this one a try for himself.  He finished it in two days!  Long time readers of my blog probably know that Robotson was a late reader, only really catching on when he was about eight and a half.    Since then he's preferred that I read to him, which is fine with me because I enjoy it.  He's read much smaller books or comics on his own here and there, but this was the first time he really got into a book and owned it.  He told me he loves reading, and asked if I would get him the rest of the series.  Absolutely!

Thursday we all took the day off so we could enjoy a little family time.  We decided to dust off the old grill because we were craving some grilled veggies.  It was so windy though that we never got a really good fire going.  Still the food was delicious.  Might be more grilling in our near future.  And speaking of time off from work, B was able to get some time for us this summer so we can take some short vacations.  Woohoo!!  

Friday was the book club and an early start to our weekend.  We are officially taking a little break.  I think we've had a pretty good run over the past couple of months and I'm getting a little burnt out.  We have a few things planned for next week, but for the most part I think we'll just chill out at home.  I still need to finish the spring cleaning too.  I think Robotson wants to read the Wimpy Kid books for his next book club.  That should free up my time in April to focus more on the girls, get our bedtime routine back consistently, and pick up on the division (math) where we left off.  
Intense game.

So many circuits.

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  1. My 12 year old loves.... LOVES! ... the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. She's eaten them all up. And we've got a date for the next movie too ;-)